Staré Časy: Group menus for travel agencies

Menu I:

  1. Potato soup with muschrooms and vegetables
  2. 150g Beef goulash "Prazdroj" with pepper and onions, bread dumplings
  3. Apple strudel with whipped cream

Price: 200,- Kč


Menu II:

  1. Cabbage soup with sausage and potato
  2. 150g Roast pork, potato dumplings, cabagge
  3. Pancake with forest fruits and whipped cream 

Price: 200,- Kč

Menu III:

  1. French onion soup with cheese croutons
  2. 150g Beef in cream-vegetables sauce, cranberries, bread dumplings
  3. Apricot cake with vanilla cream

Price: 220,- Kč

Menu IV:

  1. Old Prague ham from bones , butter, gherkin
  2. 200g Fried fillet of pork or chicken, boiled potato
  3. Curd apple-cheese cake

Price: 220,- Kč

Menu V:

  1. Moravian smoked pork with horseradish foam
  2. 150g Grilled chicken breast with muschroom cream sauce,fries and rice
  3. Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

Price: 240,- Kč

Menu VI:

  1. Goulash soup with meat and potatoes
  2. 200g Grilled pork beans on bacon, rost potato
  3. Greek salad - pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, basil, feta cheese

Price: 240,- Kč

Menu VII:

  1. Sour rye soup - Old czech "Kyselo"
  2. 250g Old Czech plate (roasted pork, smoked pork, sausage, potato pancake, bread and potato dumplings, red and white cabbage)
  3. Honeycake

Price: 260,- Kč

Menu VIII:

  1. Roastbeef with picant sauce and garlic baguette
  2. 150g Pork medaillons with cheese sauce, roasted broccoli, potato wedges
  3. Fresh fruit salad

Price: 290,- Kč

Menu IX:

  1. Cheese roll with fruit and ham
  2. 200g Deer leg with rosehip sauce, potato dumplings
  3. Apricot cake with vanilla cream 

Price: 290,- Kč

Menu X:

  1. Beef broth with noodles, vegetables and meat
  2. 1pcs 1300g Roasted pork knee, coleslaw, mustard, horseradish
  3. Ice cream

Price: 330,- Kč

Menu XI:

  1. Asparagus soup with schrimps 
  2. 150g Fillet of salmon in sweet basil with grilled vegetables (pepper, aubergine, courgete), boiled potato
  3. Italian tiramisu 

Price: 350,- Kč

Menu XII:

  1. Roasted aubergine with cheese parmesan and tomatoes
  2. 300g MIX GRILL - beef entrecote, pork medaillons, chicken breast, dijón and picant sauce, baked potatoes with cream and parmasan
  3. Hot rapsberry with vanilla ice cream

Price: 390,- Kč

More information:

(Mr.) Marcel Zákostelecký: (+420) 602 101 032

(Mr.) David Hroza: (+420) 777 680 560

We closed down :-(

Restaurant Staré Časy closed down on March 30, 2021

It was a pleasure working with you